Quality Assurance

We have a strong set up of Quality Assurance to ensure the in built quality of the products. Highly skilled, experienced and professional staff, not only ensures the strict compliance of Local drug rules but also the international standards like guide lines of ICH, FDA & WHO. Quality Assurance is a fully independent department directly reportable to the Chief Executive Offier. It has professionally competent and experienced officers specifically having their duties for various sections like separate staff for oral products and separate staff for hormonal production for monitoring and inspection of processes.

In conjunction with the spirit and the standards of cGMP, every stage of production, beginning from supplier evaluation, purchasing management, receiving inspection, manufacturing and packaging, storage of the finished product at the ware house transportation and even customer complaints response and recall systems are controlled by a set of quality management standards.

As for equipment and facilities at the plant, comprehensive verifications and validations are routinely performed along with standard maintenance controls. Retrospective evaluating and revising on the performance and requirements of the system are also regularly carried out in order to ensure the consistent quality of every batch of medication.